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Peter Bingham's dance career is extensive: for over twenty seven years he has performed in both improvised and choreographed performances and he has created and produced many choreographed works. His dance training began in his twenties, when he worked with Contact Improvisation pioneers Steve Paxton, Nancy Stark Smith, Linda Rubin and the San Francisco Company, Mangrove. Since then, Peter has studied many other dance forms including modern dance, ballet and capoeira. He has been the Artistic Director of EDAM since 1989.



Anne Cooper has performed for over eighteen years in an eclectic mix of dance companies in Winnipeg, Quebec and Vancouver. She has been a company member of EDAM since 1994, dancing contact-inspired choreography. Anne also creates her own works, combining choreography, improvisation and the spoken word. A graduate of the Royal Winnipeg Ballet school, Anne has also trained in contemporary dance, voice and theatre.