Peter Bingham



new work by
Peter Bingham, EDAM Dance
Julianne Chapple
Shay Kuebler, Radical System Art

December 7, 9, 10, 14, 16 and 17, 8pm
EDAM Theatre, 303 East 8th Ave., Vancouver


Join us for AFTER THE FALL, a mixed program of new works:

Julianne Chapple’s work is an exploration of identity as an imperfect and ever-changing narrative. Floors become walls, people become objects and multiple selves melt into a shifting mass of limbs and hair. Performed by Julianne and dancers Maxine Chadburn and Francesca Frewer.

In The Way, Shay Kuebler (Radical System Art) and artists Nicholas Lydiate and Lexi Vajda explore the seven virtues of the samurai, while referencing novels and plays by Japanese writer Yukio Mishima. This piece looks to reveal how the devout expression of a value, regardless of its inherent positivity, can become damaging to the individuals supporting it, and that moralism is a method of control and dictation.

“It is natural for me to find it obscene that human beings live only for themselves. You might call this the boredom of living ... they get bored living just for themselves ... always think of living for some kind of ideal." - Yukio Mishima 

Peter Bingham will present Engage the Feeling Arms, a trio comprised of a constant duet framed by an ongoing solo. There is the thread of a dream, a reflection on the "shifting" relationship. The solo "shifts" between dancers, constantly melding into unified imagery. Performed by Farley Johansson, Walter Kubanek and Olivia Shaffer

Preview night, Wed Dec 7     on-line $10; $15 at the door
December 9, 10, 14             on-line $15; $20 at door
December 16 & 17               on-line $20; $25 at door
Cash or cheque only for tickets purchased at the door. The box office will open at 7:30 each show night.

EDAM gratefully acknowledges the support of the Dance Section, Canada Council; the province of BC through the BC Arts Council and the Gaming Commission and the City of Vancouver.