EDAM is a contemporary dance company under the artistic directorship of Peter Bingham.


EDAM's mandate is to provide a stable and fertile environment for the development of contemporary dance. The company is deeply committed to the investigation of movement as an expressive art form.

EDAM supports many possibilities for creative expression within the kinetic arts through the creation and production of choreography and the practice and presentation of the art of improvisation. In addition to producing its own work, EDAM presents the work of guest choreographers and encourages collaborative projects with artists working in other disciplines.



EDAM (an acronym for Experimental Dance and Music) was formed in 1982 by seven independent artists: Peter Bingham, Jay Hirabayashi, Lola MacLaughlin, Jennifer Mascall, Peter Ryan, Barbara Bourget and Ahmed Hassan. In 1989, Peter Bingham became the company's sole Artistic Director.

Bingham is one of the pioneers of Contact Improvisation, a dance form that emphasizes flow and the cooperative exchange of weight between partners. The "touch and tumble" of Contact is a hallmark of much of Peter’s choreography, lending both athleticism and graceful elegance to his partnering and ensemble work.

Bingham has created over 50 choreographed works and performed in hundreds of improvised performances in theatres, dance festivals and universities across Canada, the United States, Europe and Asia.

EDAM is renowned for its enduring commitment to presenting dance improvisation as an art form. Many key figures in the Contact world have performed at EDAM's Studio Theatre, including Steve Paxton, Nancy Stark Smith, Chris Aiken, Ray Chung, Lisa Nelson, KJ Holmes, Karen Nelson, Simone Forti and Andrew Harwood.

EDAM encourages collaborative creative productions and showcases work by local dance artists. Each season the Company produces a number of shows at its Studio Theatre, premiering new work by guest artists.



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photo top: Walter Kubanek, Olivia Shaffer, Farley Johansson

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homepage video: excerpts of choreography and directed improvisations by Peter Bingham, performers: Walter Kubanek, Olivia Shaffer, Chengxin Wei, Delia Brett, James Gnam

classes page video: excerpts from Pillars, devised/directed by Peter Bingham, performers: Delia Brett, Anne Cooper, Elissa Hanson, Arash Khakpour, Walter Kubanek, Diego Romero, Olivia Shaffer