Spring Choreographic Series

April 10, 12, 13, 17, 19 + 20, 2019
8pm @ EDAM

Featuring new work by guest artists Idan Cohen and Jennifer McLeish-Lewis, and a directed improvisation by the EDAM Company.


Guest artist Idan Cohen/Ne. Sans has created Trionfi Amore (The triumph of love) with collaborators Jeremy O’Neill, Kate Franklin and Ted Littlemore. Trionfi Amore is part of Cohen's ongoing research on the theme of ‘Orfeo.’ It is a piece  that speaks of  love; of  the power of music to move, entertain, and touch us; of the power of manipulation; of the purest essence of love transformed into the act of performance.

Guest artist Jennifer McLeish-Lewis’s Moving Past Forward is a trio about memory, identity and personal history. Performers Livona Ellis, Daisy Thompson and Juan Villegas draw deeply on their own unique stories dealing with race, religion, culture and sexuality. “Life is like a box of timelines”—Russian Doll


EDAM’s Artistic Director, Peter Bingham, has developed a directed improvisation. This new score continues Peter’s exploration of how structure determines relationships, how freedom finds expression within restrictions. The dancers meet according to pre-set direction, but within this framework they are free to improvise as an ensemble. Between the performers, the sensuality in the details is a skill that allows the bigger dancing to unfold. Performed by Delia Brett, Anne Cooper, Elissa Hanson, Walter Kubanek, Diego Romero and Olivia Shaffer.


above: Jeremy O’Neill, Kate Franklin, Ted Littlemore
photo: Idan Cohen